How to use: Golden Balsamic Drizzle April 19, 2018 11:41

Reduced and infused white balsamic vinegar. This drizzle has a delicate balsamic flavour with bold sage and oregano finish.

Try some of our favourite recipe ideas…
• Use as a star ingredient on prawns, crayfish, pork and feta
• Use as a marinade for duck dishes
• Use as a seasoning agent to finish pasta sauces
Drizzle over tomato halves and slow bake at 90°C for 2 hours. Worth waiting for
Drizzle on roasted vegetables for the last 5 minutes of roasting
• Shake a vinaigrette with 1/3 Golden Balsamic 2/3 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, mustard, garlic, and salt
• Combine with bacon, orange juice, seedy mustard & cabbage for a luxurious side dish