Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree for a year and receive the award winning Olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from it.

Telegraph Hill Adopt an Olive Tree

Sounds great, how does it work and what do I get?

On adoption you get an Adoption CertificateIntroductory Letter and Photo of your tree.

As olive trees are a bit funny and sometimes produce less some years than others (like when  you don't visit...).  We guarantee that your package will contain the following:

Three bottles (250ml) of new seasons oil in September, and six pouches (225-300g) of olives in March. 

These dates coincide with the release of the new season olive oil and new season olives.

Imagine that!  A happy little olive tree growing quietly in sunny Hawke’s Bay with your name in it.  Then twice a year you get a package with all the produce from it.

You get to dunk bread in your own olive oil, or eat olives from your own tree right here in NZ.  All delivered to your door.  How good is that!

What’s more you can visit your tree as often as you like.  Bring a picnic, whisper some encouraging words to it, or simply give it a hug and encourage it to grow. 

Telegraph Hill Adopt an Olive Tree

As one of 144 trees in the Telegraph Hill Olivery grove, your tree will swap its olives with those around it, giving you a selection of different oils and olives in each parcel.  Your trees barter system means your tree will produce for you a variety of different products each year!

Your September oil parcel will contain three 250ml bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

  • One 250ml bottle of Medium Intensity Premium Blend extra virgin olive oil (our signature oil) and two bottles of Infused extra virgin olive oil 

Your March olive parcel will contain six pouches of olives from the 225-300g range.

This years package will be an 'Olive 6 pack' one each of: Kalamata Olives, Lemon and Herb Olives, Burnt Orange & Fennel Olives, Roast Cumin & Garlic Kalamata Olives, Traditional Olives, Sicilian Style Semi Dried Olives.

The perfect gift 

Give the gift of adoption. Perfect for a wedding, birthday or Christmas present for the olive connoisseur.  If you prefer to give the certificate yourself, we can send the adoption certificate straight to you, so you can hand it over yourself. We’ll send all the produce straight to the lucky recipient

Telegraph Hill Adopt an Olive Tree

We will confirm all delivery address's for certificate and packages at time of adoption, if you move in the subsequent 12 months please tell us so we can update our records.

Each adoption year you will receive:

1. Adoption certificate, introductory letter & photo of your tree
2. September package (three bottles of olive oil)
3. March package (six pouches of olives)
4. Unlimited visits and the first right of renewal on your adoption.

Please note: international adoption will incur an additional freight charge. 

Sound great? Adopt a tree today!


*Includes freight within New Zealand