Our People

Meet our talented bunch of people who work behind the scenes at Telegraph Hill 

Geoff Crawford

Geoff Crawford Owner / Managing Director.  Born with a love for olives, it's natural that Geoff ended up growing and producing New Zealand olives.  He enjoys working with the Telegraph Hill creative team at the Olivery in Hawke's Bay and travelling the country to visit customers.


Vinnie Beaumont, Adrienne Curle, and  Ross Winskill work at the Olivery specialising in olive processing and product manufacture.


Ashley Smith, our customer specialist, is on maternity leave.  Sarah Shakespeare is her replacement. She will most likely be the friendly voice if you call us on 0508 OLIVES.


Colin Gould is our Olivery groundsman.  He is happiest when on his tractor!


Andrew Taylor is our Grove Specialist, with expertise in horticulture, he ensures our groves supply the best fruit year after year.