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A Man Made Rainbow February 28, 2020 13:27


Is there nothing man cannot do....  this rainbow in our neighbours leek crop this morning, a stark contrast to the current summer drought.

The most boring super food... February 19, 2020 15:25

....has to be...

Grove 2020 Summer Update January 31, 2020 16:45

Olive Grove 2020 Summer update in Pictures

Massive Olive Tree Flowering 2019 November 29, 2019 13:28

Telegraph Hill Olive Flowers

This year has been a strong year for flowering, as this photo shows every flower is a potential olive.

Telegraph Hill Kalamata Fruit set

End of November and flowering is almost done.  The White petals have mostly dropped off, the flowers  have been pollinated, and we are looking at the fruit set ratio to flowers.

The good news you may be able to see in this photo, is the high fruit set. Look for the green at the base of each flower.

Grafting Olives November 29, 2019 13:13

Catch up with Olive Grafting on the grove, 'just' need to wait 3-4 years for the fruit to arrive....

Always room for more awards October 30, 2019 15:49

Telegraph Hill Awards Certificates in Shop

With over 70 awards won for Telegraph Hill dating back to 2003 wall space has been under pressure.

We've had a shuffle around on the shop walls so as to make some room in order to get this years 6 awards displayed...with room for next years too!


Label Refresh October 30, 2019 15:14

We've expanded our new look onto some existing products.  In some cases the product name has changed slightly, not to worry its the same fantastic product behind the shiny new label.

Below is a summary of the changes and the new look label.

The label symbolises new beginnings as well as the purity of the ingredients, the sunshine, warmth, how it inspires, energise and renews, much like our product when we infuse and blend, which occurs in making our products, full of depth and flavour.

"From the hills surrounding Hawke's Bay (where our olives grow), to the colours of the sunrise and the flavourful foods that nourish and sustain our bodies, Telegraph Hill is my inspiration for making life better" says Geoff Crawford (Owner).

Read more on the label inspiration here.

Telegraph Hill Olives Dressings Drizzles

Cabernet Drizzle = Cabernet Caramelised Red Wine Drizzle

Balsamic Drizzle = Balsamic Oak Infused Drizzle

Manuka Smoke infused Balsamic Drizzle = Manuka Smoke infused Balsamic Drizzle (no change)

Wasabi Vinaigrette = Wasabi Asian Inspired Vinaigrette

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Blend = Premium Blend Polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lemongrass Kaffir Lime and Chilli infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil = Lemongrass Kaffir Lime and Chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Telegraph Hill in Tokyo October 18, 2019 13:30

Geoffs visit to Tokyo...A summary in pictures....

Olive Tree Pruning October 18, 2019 13:04

Geoff doing the mahi in the grove. A video of olive tree pruning.

Olives Win Class Champion.... again September 26, 2019 14:14

At the recently held Royal Easter Show Olive Awards we were delighted to receive the Class Champion awards for 

Finalist - NZ Artisan Awards August 15, 2019 15:13

YES! Telegraph Hill is a finalist in the 2019 Artisan Awards.  We entered...

Smoke Point of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Again. (sigh) June 24, 2019 13:56

Smoke point is irrelevant, a smokescreen for marketers...

Label Colour Inspiration May 28, 2019 13:07

New labels.  How we made a major label refresh and kept it true to Telegraph Hill.

Free Stone for Harvest March 28, 2019 22:22

Using free stone method of harvest timing on green olives

6 reasons why olive oil is good for you March 18, 2019 12:35

Question: Is olive oil good for you?

Answer: A beloved pantry staple acquired from pressed whole olives and rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, olive oil is one of the healthiest oils going according to the Dieticians Association of Australia. Actually, the list of olive oil benefits are as long as your arm.

Here are just some of the ways to use olive oil:

  • food preparation (as cooking oil or dressing e.g. on salad or pasta)
  • drinking it as a supplement
  • as body oil to moisturise the skin,
  • as a makeup remover, and
  • as part of natural homemade hair masks

Being rich in vitamins and other bio compounds, olive oil is healthy choice for every kind of cooking. But before you start using olive oil in every kind of cooking and beauty ritual you can think of, make sure to pick the best kind and use it the right way to make the effort worthwhile. Not all olive oils are created equal.

The different kinds of olive oil available are legit and not just a marketing ploy. According to Kelli Clark, Associate Food Editor for Kitchn, types of olive oil are distinguished from one another by the oil extraction process, additives put into them, and acidity levels, NOT by the kind of olives used. Using this criteria, you can find two main kinds:

1. Refined-treated more during the process to remove flaws from the oil. Usually a big part of the “regular” olive oil we see stocked on shelves.

2. Unrefined-this is where the gold is: the healthiest and highest-quality of the unrefined oils is extra virgin olive oil.

Based on an antioxidant value comparison chart produced by Australia’s number one extra virgin olive oil producer Cobram Estate, unrefined oil includes significantly higher antioxidants and less trans fats when used in cooking.

When looking at extra virgin olive oil benefits, Associate Professor Mary Flynn of Brown University goes as far as to say, “published research shows that no other food comes close to Extra Virgin olive oil for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease."

Numerous other extra virgin olive oil health benefits exist, too. Here are five of the best.

olive oil benefits

1. Preventing Ulcers

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic or condition or have an acute stomach upset, consuming olive oil can help soothe ulcers. In 2007 Science Daily reported an American Chemical Society journal study found that compounds in extra virgin olive oil have antibiotic properties which work against strains of ulcer-causing H pylori as well as strains normally resistant to antibiotics.

2. Treating Constipation

Olive oil has mild laxative effects making it the perfect choice when things down there need help moving along! Healthline suggests mixing a spoonful in with juice or milk if you don’t want to drink it directly. Of course, you can put it on almost everything you cook. Drizzle it on salads, use it as a cooking oil or use a splash on a salad roll. The possibilities are both endless and delicious!

3. Pain Relief, Soothing and Disease Prevention

Back in 2005, WebMD reported olive oil got an upgrade in the health department. A previously unknown enzyme in extra virgin olive oil named Oleocanthal was discovered to have anti inflammatory properties. The Mediterraneans know this instinctively and have included it liberally in their diet for eons. Inflamation has been linked to stroke, heart disease, breast and lung cancers as well as dementia. Of course, sickness prevention isn’t all anti inflammatories do. Commercial pain relievers work the same way. It’s said a 50g dose of olive oil daily equals 10% of ibuprofen. It seems small, but makes a big difference when added into a person’s daily routine.

olive oil benefits
Roberta Sorge

4. Controlling Cholesterol

Olive oil is full of fat, but the kind of monounsaturated fats in olive oil are ‘good fats’ that help get rid of the bad ones that increase cholesterol levels. To avoid overconsumption, Livestrong suggests using olive oil as a replacement for other kinds of fat you regularly use, such as butter and vegetable oil. Just don’t use it for frying.

5. Protection against Alzheimer’s

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is much less common in the Mediterannean than in the rest of the world? The likely reason? You guessed it, olive oil. The American Chemical Societysays the same enzyme responsible for olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, Oleocanthal, also decreases the accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain, thought to be a leading cause of Alzheimer’s.

6. Weight loss

Extra Virgin olive oil has been linked with lower Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) and reduced obesity rates in societies where it is heavily used (e.g the Mediterannean).


Original article can be found here: https://www.newidea.com.au/olive-oil-benefits-is-olive-oil-good-for-you

When do I pick? February 28, 2019 16:50

This frequently asked question is often answered with another question....what do you want to do with your olives?

Eat or Oil?  

The rule is the eating olives (table olives) are picked first, while the flesh is still strong so that it will not soften during the natural fermentation, which lasts up to 8 months.

Oil olives are picked later, so that the oil has maximum time to accumulate in the olive prior to pressing.

The next question:  where are you?

Northland start picking in March, Otago in June, and anywhere in between is in between!

Ripeness determines the time to pick, a rule of thumb is:

Table: green olives are picked before any colour change starts to happen, black olives are picked when they are black.  (unless they are coloured in process, then they are picked green and, well, coloured with iron oxides),  We don't colour olives at Telegraph Hill.

Oil: when the tree has 1/3 green, 1/3 coloured and 1/3 black olives. This will give a good flavour to the oil.

What is this weather doing to the Olives? January 25, 2019 11:19

Is the wet start to summer good for Olives?

Harvest Birds Eye View December 12, 2018 16:07

Double Gold Awarded to Telegraph Hill November 8, 2018 15:36

Telegraph Hill Gold Medal Extra Virgin Olive Oil Burnt Orange & Fennel OlivesIts not often one gets to celebrate a gold medal in two different 'food categories'.   

Why You Should Cook With Extra Virgin Olive Oil November 2, 2018 11:18

Smoke point is not a good measure to determine the stability of an oil when cooking.

These Olives Are Too Salty August 22, 2018 12:08

Too salty? How to reduce the salt content of olives at home.

Enjoy daffodils at home and help a family affected by Cancer August 20, 2018 08:57

Telegraph Hill Daffodils for Cancer Society

Telegraph hill planted 1100 daffodil bulbs in the Autumn of 2016, with the idea that it would look fantastic to have the daffodils blooming under the rows of Olive trees.  These are now blooming and it does look amazing. Over the next three weeks they will be enjoying the bulbs as they come out. (We are expecting 3,300 flowers, 3 per bulb)

“It feels a bit selfish to keep these all to ourselves, so we would like to donate these to the community. We invite the people of Hawkes Bay to pick as many as you like and donate in the Olivery shop to the Cancer Society” says Geoff Crawford, owner Telegraph Hill.

All donations will be gratefully passed onto Trudy Kirk, Hawke’s Bay Centre Manager, Cancer Society.

“We are grateful of all donations in support of our fundraising, especially when we do not have to provide staff or put time into initiatives such as what Telegraph Hill are doing this year” says Ms Kirk

Geoff Crawford: “This is the first year we have started helping the Cancer Society, the great thing is we can do this fundraising every year.  These daffodils will keep producing more flowers every year so we can keep raising more money every year”  

All 1100 daffodils are the ‘Carlton’ variety a two-tone yellow daffodil with soft yellow petals encircle a large, frilly, golden yellow cup. 

Telegraph Hill Olivery Daffodills

There is Growth On My Home Cured Olives July 5, 2018 15:36

My home cured olives have grown a growth, are they ruined?

Harvest 2018 April 26, 2018 15:45

Telegaph Hill Olive Harvest

Actual vs Plan

It worked! this years plan of growing large olives worked!  We pruned to reduce the crop load so the remaining olives grew bigger.

We kept a close eye on them and the weather, and when time came for picking, we kept all the large olives to use for our table olives, and the smaller olives all went for oil.

We got a ratio of 34 - 60% large olives. Previous years the ratio has been as low as 15%.

Now I'll just order a repeat for next year.....

Olive Oil Moisturising Cream Workshop March 9, 2018 15:05

Morag Black Olive Oil Moisturiser Telegraph Hill

Learn how to make your own moisturising cream with all natural ingredients; no chemicals, no elaborate equipment needed.

Morag Black is holding a workshop on 12th May at the Telegraph Hill Olivery!  She will show you how to make a beautiful cream with Telegraph Hill's own Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other natural, spray free and organic ingredients.  All requirements will be supplied and as there are only six places available it is essential to book early. 

You will learn how to create a basic cream which is useful for all types of skin.  Fragrance free, this cream can be used as a face cream or whole body moisturiser and you will take the information and create your own special combinations to suit individual requirements at home.

When:  12th May 2018 10am – 12noon (full), and 2 - 4pm

Where:  Telegraph Hill Olivery 1279 Howard Street, Hastings, phone 06 878 4460

Who:  Morag Black – workshop provider

What:              -to bring – just an apron if you wish

                        -will be provided – all ingredients and requirements are supplied

                        -you will take home – at least one 200g jar of basic cream, heaps of knowledge, hands-on experience of the skills needed to experiment at home.

                        -will it cost - $40 all inclusive, coffee and tea provided.

email Morag to book your spot.

Artisan Cheese Tasting in Hawke's Bay with Juliet Harbutt February 14, 2018 13:51

Juliet Harbutt Cheese Evening Geoff Crawford Telegraph Hill

This was fun, and what an amazing 'resource' we have here in Hawke's Bay with Juliet Harbutt a world renowned Master of Cheese!

My key 'take home' point was that, actually, i do like goats cheese.  A good one doesn't taste 'goaty'.  This resonated with me, because, we have the same feedback on olives!  too many 'bad tasting' olives out there puts people off the whole category!

 Juliet Harbutt Cheese tasting Geoff Crawford Telegraph Hill

I highly recommend taking part in one of these evenings, and would be suprised if you didn't back it up with a second evening!

We got to taste 12 cheeses with 3 different beverages (so 36 different combinations!), this gave us an instant experience of what and why pairing food and wine is about.  We discussed what worked, what didn't and why. 

My favourite was Savvy Washed Rind from Drunken Nanny, a gooey soft cheese, paired with Mayflower Apple cider from Edgebrook Cider.  The combination made both go BOOM! in your mouth, and created a whole new 'higher level' flavour.

I'll be back for more!

Less is More Olives January 31, 2018 08:45

Telegraph Hill Olives NZ

My favourite olive tree. It always produces the biggest olives and a lot of them.

The heavy pruning earlier in the season has exaggerated this, it is looking like the experiment of more pruning = less olives = larger olives is working.  Roll on Harvest.

Olive Oil Candle January 11, 2018 00:00

Burning an Olive Oil Candle at Telegraph Hill...

Telegraph Hill Olive Tree Pruning December 28, 2017 11:49

Read Geoff's theory on this years pruning....

November in the Olive Grove November 20, 2017 16:31

Telegraph Hill Olive Grove
See how to spot a set flower on an Olive tree, and the mechanics of flowering.

Telegraph Hill on Japanese TV October 25, 2017 00:00

This is a Saturday popular TV show. The guy walks in a local area to find nice restaurants and stores, and eats the products he finds to tell how great the food is.

Basically, she says the most recommendable salt in the store is Olive Zing, and the taste reminds us of Japanese traditional sprinkle condiment made of Japanese plum leaves.

Delicious on white rice is an appealing suggestion to use this product.

Keep the sound up when watching this, you'll get what he is saying, no translation required!

Award Winning Olives October 11, 2017 20:10

Telegraph Hill Olives

Telegraph Hill wins Champion Olives!

New Zealand's table olive competition 2017 is run in Auckland.  An interesting yet irrelevant aside, somehow they are the "Royal Easter Show", yet the competition is run in September.

So the results from this years Royal Easter Show Olive competition Telegraph Hill Olives are the best olives in New Zealand! 

Champion (The highest score in category)

And the medals went as follows:

 This is the fifth year Telegraph Hill has won Champion olives, an achievement we are very proud of.

Our history of 14 years of awards is here.

Awesome NZ Artisan Food App August 25, 2017 12:45

Amanda and Shelly have created this fantastic app showcasing NZ Food.  This is a must for tourists and locals wanting to see the best of NZ.

Its called the FoodPath NZ - www.thefoodpathnz.com - They shout out and thank people along the way who make a big effort to grow, raise and make lovely and real New Zealand food.  Because these producers work super hard doing something pretty special.

It covers daytime cafes, artisans, specialty grocers and markets. 

In an unfamiliar NZ region, it can be tricky to find the classic, and best, daytime food experiences, and often times to understand their special NZ relevance. 

The FoodPath NZ has created an app to help with that.   Well done Amanda and Shelly!

Telegraph Hill Olivery Shop

Whats Geoff (the owner) of Telegraph Hill look like? August 24, 2017 13:00

Adam and Eve from The Adam and Eve Show on TV2 visited Telegraph Hill.  They didn’t know what they were going to be doing at the Olivery.

They made a show of us all picking and spitting olives.  It was a fun time, excuse my nervous start, we got into the swing of things eventually!


Coconut oil is bad for your heart July 14, 2017 16:22

Telegraph Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I’ve watched the ‘clever marketing’ for coconut oil, it's shown me if you say something enough times it becomes a truth. Despite the science.

Here’s an article from the American Heart Association stating its as bad for your heart as any other saturated fat.  A full circle back to ‘old school’ thinking.  Saturated fats are bad for your heart health.  Saturated fats have always been bad for you, but somehow coconut oil (which is 82% saturated fat) wasn’t.  Thumbs up for the marketing people, job well done, nailed the sales targets. 

Of course plenty of science has shown that coconut oil "healthy" claims are unsubstantiated.  But facts and science are so boring! President Trump has shown us that.

Dr Laurence Eyres, a New Zealand specialist in oils and fats says  "Traditionally, coconut oil hasn't been recommended because it is extremely high in saturated fat. This advice remains, despite the large number of marketing claims to the contrary". 

Consumer Magazine had a go too.

And for me? The only oil we use in our house is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and my cholesterol level is the best in my family.  Proves EVOO is good for everyone eh?




Get your Extra Virgin Olive Oil and happy heart here.


Olives and Pigs June 19, 2017 16:46

Pig Telegraph Hill Olive Grove


Pigs.  The wild pigs at the Mohaka grove are the bain of Brad. When I visit the grove to look at the trees, the first thing I have to do is look at the photos of Brads close encounters with the natural wild life.

And it is wild. 

If he spots one without his gun he’s not getting out of the tractor cab.  ‘They’ll go ya’ he says.  He has photos of the pigs alive and dead, taken from the cab and standing in the rows, and of course great stories about the ones that got away.

He likes to hunt, but his point is this: One pig makes a lot of damage.  They root amongst the trees and destroy the ground, making unseen ruts and bumps that the tractor and gear crashes and bangs through.  This slows down the speed of grove spraying and mowing and can damage the gear. “They’re costing us Geoff” he says (and they taste good)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Have you really got it? June 9, 2017 16:35

Telegraph Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I gave a large bottle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a foodie friend, who immediately made all the right noises (oohed and aahed special thanks etc), then implied they would use it sparingly. I had a Stop The Bus moment.

I asked my friend to use it on everything, every time the family sat down to a meal  I asked that she had the oil bottle out and dressed her food with it. Every time I said. Put it on everything.  It will enrich and enhance your food. Enjoy all of it, in a short space of time.

Two weeks later I got a message from my friend, we’ve run out, she said. We did what you said, it was amazing, and we now need some more, our food is not as good without Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

This made me think, wow, I have huge respect for this friend and her food skills, I’ve known her for 15 years, I’ve had this business 13 of those years, shes been a constant customer, yet she didn’t get extra virgin olive oil until now.  Have you got it?


Harvest 2017 May 22, 2017 12:02

The 2017 Olive harvest is now complete! Starting in mid-April, and running for a solid month it has been a busy but successful harvest.  Interestingly this year started two weeks earlier than ever before.
From year to year there is always some variance on quantity and quality of the olives coming off our groves. Weather plays a significant factor and this year it was heavy rain in February & March which came just at the right time to plump the olives up! We could tell early on that this years olives were going to be larger in size but lighter in volume - 25 tonne compared to 50 last year.
This year Manzanillo, Kalamata and Uovo di Piccione varieties were harvested. The olives are washed and graded, which is when the smaller olives are separated for Olive Oil.
The fermentation process is now underway and you can expect to taste this years harvest in February 2018.

Time to celebrate! Gold for Telegraph Hill on the world stage. April 26, 2017 21:48

Telegraph Hill has had yet another successful year at the Olive Japan 2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil awards announced on 24th April  2017. 

GOLD - Roast Garlic Infused Olive Oil 
GOLD - Lemongrass, Kaffir Lime & Chilli Infused Olive Oil
SILVER - Thyme, Sage and Rosemary Olive Oil

OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition is one of the premier olive oil competitions in the world. Last years competition had over 600 entries! We are delighted 3 of our products have been recognised at this level against such tough competition from around the globe.

These awards are also a huge help in cementing our steadily growing niche in the Japanese market.

To find out more about the Olive Japan 2017 competition here

Olive Harvest 2017 - Tips for you at home! March 24, 2017 11:30

The olive harvest at Telegraph Hill is almost underway and this year it is running to schedule - bang on time with a medium sized olive crop. 

The first variety of olives harvested are an Italian variety called Ouvo D'Piccione, known for their large green fruit. These are ready to be harvested now at two of our groves.

Manzanillo Olives are next - this is the main crop which is harvested from 8 groves dotted around Hawkes Bay. 

Kalamata Olives are the final variety harvested around mid May - see these trees next time you visit The Olivery.

Here are some tips on harvesting your own crop!

- Sun ripened olives should have some variation in their colour. This is called quid pro quo and allows for not only colour variation but better flavours that only tree-ripened olives can produce.

- Once harvested make sure you use Olives swiftly - once picked the quality and flavour can deteriorate quickly. 

- To cure your own olives follow this method

- If you are interested in having your crop pressed into Olive Oil contact these Hawkes Bay based businesses

Olivewood Farm Partnership - Julie and Zane / 0272784947 / 06 8367923

Ken Mark / 06 8749455

Happy harvesting!

Our Latest Silverware! October 31, 2016 17:00

Our Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil (bottled as Medium Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has won a SILVER medal at this year's New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards earlier this month.

This consistent all-rounder is smooth - not too strong or peppery! and can be used liberally on all dishes to enhance and enrich.  A delicious, nutritious, guilt-free superfood!


Our Latest Silverware! October 31, 2016 17:00

Our Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil (bottled as Medium Intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has won a SILVER medal at this year's New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards earlier this month.

This consistent all-rounder is smooth - not too strong or peppery! and can be used liberally on all dishes to enhance and enrich.  A delicious, nutritious, guilt-free superfood!


Art In The Olives Festival Prep: Olive Wood Hangi Trial 1 September 29, 2016 14:34

Trial 1.  Olive wood fired Hangi.  Art in the Olives Festival is 10 weeks away.

Objective:  Trial the Olive Wood and recipes.

Timeline is important… we plan to eat a 5.30pm, so working back from then, we pull the hangi up at 5pm, food in at 1pm, start the burn at 10am, dig the hole the day before.

It’s a Saturday so we’ve got to weave in attending and coaching our children’s sports games into the day’s events as well.

Hangi Master Shayne said the woods good.  Nice hot burn, no sparks, and the smoke smells nice.  Perhaps we should leave some embers in the hangi to see if the smoke adds some nice smokey taste to the kai?

We hit the times and the hangi gets packed at 1pm.  Plenty of people to help put the cloths over the food, and cover the Hangi with dirt.  We stand by and check for steam escaping for another hour or so.

We pull the hangi up at 5, we now have three families all helping, what fun, and sense of community just from doing this.  Now the fun part, back to the house and taste the trials.

Chicken Marbella, Beef shins in Apricot & Olive Tagine, Lamb Puttanesca, Goat curry, Curried Eel, Pork Belly, Chicken Chorizo bake, Sticky Drunken Prune Pudding ,all delicious, olives held up well in all dishes,  definitely a success. 

Round two trials will refine the recipes, and set the menu.  Should we do a pudding?

Day 14 Update: Havelock North town water supply Campylobacter infection.  August 26, 2016 16:57


Whats still happening?

The boil water notice remains in place.  This infection has had a massive impact on a small community.  There are many emergency organisations involved in helping the public to get and stay healthy. Red Cross, Rapid Disaster Relief and Age Concern are all visible in our community.  Water has become the new currency

Ongoing preventative measures:

We are still taking prudent steps to ensure product safety. We can confirm that our products are safe to eat.

  1. We are a separate water system to the affected Havelock North supply.
  2. This separate system is a bore water, from our own well.  We are regularly testing this water, and will continue to regularly test until we know more information.  Tests so far have all been clear. 
  3. To make sure our products are safe, we keep all manufactured product on hold in our warehouse until the clear result is received.
  4. We will continue this cycle of holding product, testing the water, and releasing it, until we have clarity from the Hastings District Council on the healthiness of every bore in Hastings.

What can you do?

Don’t let this happen in your area.  Be mindful of this event where we humans have poisoned ourselves by keeping our head in the sand and ignoring the environment. 

I encourage you to go a little green, take one small step (Neil Armstrong!) to care more for your environment, and keep what we have for years to come.  We certainly will be in Hawke’s Bay.

And to help struggling families in Hawke’s Bay?  Right now the sickness levels are declining, people are back at work, and businesses need income.  You can support these people by purchasing  products made in Hawke’s Bay, they are safe to eat.  All food manufacturing businesses are all going though extra costs to ensure their product safety.

I hope this doesn’t come to a town near you.

Geoff Crawford

Owner Telegraph Hill

Day 10 Update: Havelock North town water supply campylobacter infection August 22, 2016 17:02

Telegraph Hill product safety:

We are lucky at Telegraph Hill to be on a separate supply to the Havelock North town supply.

This means we have not been using the infected water in our production.

We can confirm that our products are safe to eat.

Ongoing preventative measures:

We have taken some prudent steps to ensure product safety.

  1. We are a separate water system to the affected Havelock North supply.
  2. This separate system is a bore water, from our own well.  We are regularly testing this water, and will continue to regularly test until we know more information.  Tests so far have all been clear. 
  3. To make sure our products are safe, we keep all manufactured product on hold in our warehouse until the clear result is received.
  4. We will continue this cycle of holding product, testing the water, and releasing it, until we have clarity from the Hastings District Council on the healthiness of every bore in Hastings.

My research to date tells me that our bore water is an independent aquifer from the aquifer that supplies the water for the Havelock North Town supply.  We are separated by 3km, and we are uphill and to the west from it.  Aquifers do have a flow from hills (in the west) to the sea (in the east), and this is in our favour (water doesn’t flow uphill).

I do expect that once the source of the infection for the Havelock North Town Supply is found, we will be able to evaluate predict the future health of our bore.  Until then we will continue these preventative steps to ensure we sell safe product.

Geoff Crawford

Owner / / Managing Director


Grading Olives - The next step from tree to table July 27, 2016 15:08

Every step of the olive production process is completed by hand and onsite at Telegraph Hill Olivery. The processing of table olives requires practice and patience! 

This week we are grading olives which requires all hands on deck a couple of times a month. The olives are graded for the first time at harvest and then again once we are satisfied they have reached optimal flavour through processing. They are hand graded for size and quality before they reach our production kitchen, ensuring only the largest olives of our harvest reach our table olive products.

Olives are taken straight from the barrel and tipped into a large hopper and then fed out along a conveyor belt which gives us time to inspect each olive as it rolls past. Then they run through a sizer which separates small, medium and large olives.



Most mass-produced olives are ripened using ripening/chemical agents which gives them a even black colour. You might notice Telegraph Hill olives have some variation in their colour. This is the quid pro quo for better flavours that only tree-ripened olives can produce. 

Harvest 2016 Update June 29, 2016 13:31

This years Olive Harvest was a great success. A large crop and excellent weather meant we could harvest a total of 50 tonne, 15,000,000 olives in total. This year Manzanillo, Kalamata and Uovo di Piccione varieties were harvested. 

What happens now.....

Once the olives are harvested (watch here) they then go through the grader to be sized. Smaller Olives are pressed to make oil and larger olives are kept for our table olives. The large olives are then washed, and placed in 2000L vats or 200L barrels in brine (salt and water). Over the first 3 weeks, rapid fermentation begins using the wild yeast and spores within the olives. This produces carbon dioxide and acid and smells delicious like making bread at home. It is this yeast which gives Telegraph Hill Olives their distinctive flavour.

Over the next 6 months the sugars in the olives will ferment and the bitterness contained in the olives will be converted until they become edible. Then the olives continue to ferment their sugar. If you are interested in fermenting your own olives give this recipe a go!



International Gold awards for Olive Oil April 28, 2016 16:42

This week the winners of the Olive Japan International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition were announced. Telegraph Hill won two Gold medals and one Silver Medal for their three flavour infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

This is a stunning result in what was a competitive international competition. Only two thirds of the 600 entries from around the world got awards. 

We’ve recently started exporting to Japan, these awards will certainly help our sales and market growth. It’s a fantastic endorsement for our flavoured oil range.

This continues another good year with awards, having won best olives in NZ for the fourth year in a row at the annual NZ olive completion in September last year.

Oils and Awards below:

2016 OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition APRIL 2016 

Competition website: http://olivejapan.com/en/category/news_en