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Grove Update - So How Big Are Those Olives? March 3, 2014 10:48

Telegraph Hill Manzanillo OlivesWith Harvest fast approaching (May) we are starting to asses how the olives are doing.  Big change this year, I am measuring the olives and recording their size.  This is to give a benchmark for future years as to where the olives are at.  I hope to make better growing and harvest decisions as a result.  The ultimate objective is to grow larger olives by changing the variables on the grove.

This picture show the Manzanillo tree at the Olivery.  At 19mm it is a big fruit for this time of year.  The average width is around 16mm.

Good tree health and a continuation of the good summer weather will help these olives size up in the next 8 weeks.

Soon we will harvest April 30, 2013 09:29

Manzanillo Olives ready to harvestCheck out these olives!  This picture of the Manzanillo olives on the trees in the Villa grove.  They are huge! Its been a fantastic growing season this year.  We've had healthy trees and low rainfall - a drought in fact!  

Looking to harvest in a week or so, around the 6th of May.

Interesting how the olives are green and black right next to each other.  

Green Olive Harvest Begins April 4, 2013 03:35


Today I harvested the big green olive tree.  We think it is a Uovo D'Piccione or UDP for short.  We ended up with three of these among the Kalamata trees due to a mix up at the nursery.  Its very hard to tell olive trees apart, especially when they are still seedlings resulting in nursery mix ups being a regular occurrence.

This one tree produced 14kg of fruit, which we will process and make available through the Olivery shop.

As the picture shows they are a large fruit, they have a nutty & light olive flavour.