Taste Ten Oils
Taste Ten Oils Taste Ten Oils
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Taste Ten Oils

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Compare olive oil vs others at a fun, fascinating and informative evening with Geoff  (Telegraph Hill) and Juliet Harbutt (Hunter Gatherer Tours). 

6pm Wed August 4th.

79 Black Barn Road, Havelock North 

A unique opportunity to ask all the curly questions you have ever wanted to know, while comparing Ten high quality Oils

So come and Discover what is the real difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pure Olive Oil? Does one variety taste different to another like wine ? can I substitute rape seed oil? How about avocado?  

Take a seat and evaluate and learn together, with great local wine to cleanse your pallet. This is a relaxed evening with the promise to educate and inspire!

Every ticket gets a $5 off product voucher to spend on the night or at the Olivery Shop.  Delish! 


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