Gift Box - Zing Zing!


Included in your box is 1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Medium Intensity - Premium Blend 250ml & 1 x Olive Zing 30g &  1 x Olive Dukkah 30g. This gift box is the perfect combination - spread, dollop and dip!

Product description:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Medium Intensity - Premium Blend - Grassy with a hint of fruit and an aroma of olives, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is beautifully balanced with a little bite. Great as a dressing for salads, vegetables, or pasta's. Alternatively, use as a marinade or dipping oil.

Ingredients: Olives.

Olive Zing -This is has a warm and zingy taste that will enlighten the senses. Sprinkle on salads, vegetables, fish, chicken, or massage into meats.

Ingredients: Salt, olive, herbs, lemon, chilli.

Olive Dukkah - A delicate and roasted nut flavour makes this olive dukkah a standout.  Use in dipping with extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle on steamed vegetables, or season chicken and fish fillets prior to cooking.

Ingredients: Olive, nuts, spices.

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