Condimentum Mustards

The must have mustard!

Seeds that go pop in your mouth and deliciously old school recipes define the Condimentum range.  

Only and always whole grain mustard, careful selection of ingredients, and dedication to three step manufacturing process ensure these mustards retain all the goodness (volatile oils & poppy texture) that makes mustard great. 

Maturing of the mustard seeds is a key component in flavour development.  This is what sets Condimentum apart.  Like great wine, whiskey and cheese mustard seeds love it when you go slow.

Made in Hawke's Bay since 2001 this product range is a staple in homes nationwide.  

Seedy Mustard    Marmalustard


Delicious recipes for seedy mustards on BBC Food - a great site for recipes that work every time, and an agglomerator of interesting recipes.