Olive Rub for Lamb recipe

Olive Rub for Lamb recipe

We made this rub for lamb, because lamb is where we think it works best.  If you like lamb and the 'low and slow' BBQ method of cooking then this rub is for you.  Packed with garlic and thyme, the olive powder gives depth and earthiness to the rub so that even those who do not like olives will enjoy the meat.

Just because food never stops moving we did this recipe with venison, because, well, that was going to be fun too... So if doing this recipe with lamb you can leave out the bacon, as the lamb has a good amount of fat through the meat to keep it juicy.


  1. Cover the venison with half a packet of the rub (65g).  let it sit for 24 hours
    Olive Rub for Lamb
  2. Wrap the leg in bacon
  3. Smoke for 1 hour
    Olive Rub for lamb
  4. Cook at 60deg C 3 hours 
  5. Rest under foil for at least 15 minutes before serving

Enjoy with friends and family

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