How to use: Olive Tapenade April 19, 2018 14:47

This delicious Tapenade is made from sun-ripened Hawke’s Bay olives.

Try some of our favourite recipe ideas…

• Spread on a pizza base and top with feta and smoked
• Palmiers. Use ready rolled flaky pastry sheets and spread with Tapenade. Fold sheet into the center several times, or roll tightly. Slice and bake in a hot oven. Serve warm
• Spread on to flattened chicken breast or thigh coated with spinach and red peppers. Roll before baking
• Coat or stuff a piece of beef, marinade then bake
• Serve with cheese board and crackers

Tip: Tapenade contains olive oil which will solidify in the fridge
so mix prior to use. Always use a clean utensil and don’t put back any uneaten product.